Sabertooth X79 Bios CAP Converter doesn't work. Can't boot :/

Hi there,
I'm having a weird problem with my new asus Sabertooth X79 (rev 1.02) coming with bios 1104.
It's a new build with i7-4930k CPU.
I had the CPU red led light when I turn on the system, which I think is normal, because the CPU is not supported with the old bios.
So I try to update it with the Flasback button (which is my only option at this point), doing everything by the book, fat32 flash, renaming and all that jazz.. everything went normal to the point that the converter utility that should make the BIOS compatible with the new CAP format doesn't seem to have any effect (although it did all the blinking), because whenever I put a CAP format bios, the blue light on the BIOS flash button stays on indicating that something is not right.
Asus says that after you use the ROM to CAP utility you can't go back to ROM, but when I put a ROM file the update works, therefore I think that the converter doesn't work for me which I find very strange.
I'm not able to boot so I can't even check at what version my BIOS is now and I'm out of ideas.

Anyone experienced something like that?

P.S. I wonder .. in the instructions it says that the converter is done after system reboots twice.. I'm not sure how that applies when using the Flasback option, and since i can't boot I also can't REboot..
If my logic is correct I guess my options will be:
1. Buy bios chip updated to one that supports my CPU (don't like the idea)
2. Somehow find supported CPU, so I can boot and make the CAP converter utility do its job properly and then flash the latest bios and then put back my 4930k and hopefully it will work this time. (don't like the idea even more)
3. Ask ASUS to make a .ROM format bios version that supports my CPU so I can finally get my system start! (I like the idea, but I never met a responsive support team that will do something like this(even if it's only a few lines of code to be written))
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  1. Hi,
    Buying a BIOS chip is a way to go. It's not expensive and not difficult to replace:
  2. Thanks for the answer and the video link alexoiu.
    That will probably be the less troublesome option indeed, I just don't like the waiting part and the uncertainty.. I mean - maybe the motherboard have some problem and I will still not be able to boot. I only guess that the rebooting part is the problem that makes the CAP converter not doing his job and I kind of doubt that ASUS will make such mistake rendering their motherboard useless to the normal user when they try to make a new system with IB CPUs.
    Can you confirm for certain that my theory is correct (that the CAP converter can't work with Flashback option in system that is unable to boot)?
  3. If I were you I would send that mobo to Asus for bios upgrade and would not fiddle with it myself.
  4. That will be too much trouble, money and waiting time for me rounakr94. Where I live it will most likely take at least a month to do that operation and I don't want to think about the shipping costs..
  5. Can someone at least confirm that it is normal to have the red led for CPU problem lit and no boot on Sabertooth X79 with i7-4930k with the old ROM bios versions?
  6. I can confirm that the system would not POST if the BIOS does not support the CPU.
    As for the CAP converter, theoretically it should work.
    Here's a similar issue:
  7. Thanks alexoiu,
    I had read this one. Seems like this guy was fortunate enough to have his motherboard coming with newer bios which can directly read CAP format, he didn't use the converter as far as I understand, so I guess it is possible the converter to not work in my case :/
  8. Then try using the .cap format. I also had bricked bios problems with my Sabertooth 990fx but Asus replaced the board happily. You should visit a friend where you can download and flash the bios.
  9. I will most likely end up, pulling my bios chip out and send it to someone with the same motherboard but SB processor and ask him to flash it to the latest bios. Hope it will work when I get it back and pray that there is nothing wrong with the CPU..
  10. Best answer
    Ok, everything is just as I expected.
    I sent my bios chip to guy with the same motherboard, but with Sandy Bridge processor and he was able to update it to the latest bios and after I put it back everything went normal without problems.

    So, to anybody thinking to buy asus sabertooth X79 to use it with Ivy Bridge processor (I'm pretty sure that is valid for all older asus X79 motherboards):
    Before buying the motherboard, ask what bios it comes with and if it is older than 2002 (all .ROM versions) ask the supplier to update it, because the CAP converter will not work without boot (with Flashback option - which will be the only way to update the bios if you are with Ivy Bridge processor).
    If you however have some Sandy Bridge processor available you can put it in and update the bios yourself and then replace it with the Ivy.
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