Need help with new raid 0 drives

Hey everyone,

So I got a new build, I have 1 ssd (windows installed on it) and 4x 1tb hdd's set up in raid 0. So when I go in the disk management, I initialized the drives already and it shows up as 1hdd (3800mb). now when I right click it, it shows new simple volume as the only option, striped is unavailable and all that. I was wondering if new simple volume is the one I should use considering raid 0 is striped. new simple volume is usually for 1 single drive but since it's in raid 0 would it be the one I have to use?

thanks in advance :)
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    If the RAID volume is built using hardware, such as the RAID controller on your motherboard or an add in card (not built using the Windows software RAID modes from inside Windows) then for all practical purposes, the RAID'd volume is displayed to Windows as a single large drive by the controller, treat it exactly as such in Windows.

    The other RAID options you are seeing in the menus under Windows are options for Windows to create RAID arrays using software, which is not true RAID but a fancy form of drive spanning, ignore it.
  2. Thanks for the reply jit! the raid volume is built with the raid controller on the mobo (the raid was even appearing in the windows installation as 1 disk). In windows in the disk management it shows as 1 hard drive. So does that mean I should partition it as a new simple volume? And I know this might be a stupid question, but should I partition it as ntfs or fat32? Im a bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff lol.

    Thanks again!!
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