EVGA GTX 760 SuperClocked 2GB 2 way's SLI or Single MSI GTX 780 lightning.

Hello Tom's Hardware community,

My questions is simple but I cant figure out the answer only need your help to do so :)

I am currently planning on building a PC with dual 760 exactly like this one ( Check the video please)

What is better in term of gaming performance dual 760 or 780 lightning and do I need to get water cooling for the dual GPU in the long term?

Another question is do I need to overclock them because I am planning on having this PC for a long time and I do not want it to crash on me too soon because of overclocking.

*Note that I am planning on using one or two screens 24 inches 1920x1080 and 60Hz (Not sure if the last one is right but it's 60 something).

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Best regards,


*Sorry if the language isn't perfect it's not my 1st language :(*
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  1. I'd definitely go 780. Leaves you room to upgrade in the future, and is still plenty of power for gaming. The 760s in SLI are more powerful, but then you're upgrade-ability is over and you're capped. In a year or two you could grab another 780 and be set.

    Just make sure if you go the 780 route you plan ahead with your power supply.
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    Are you looking at adding another 780 in the future?

    I'm running SLI'd EVGA GTX 760 SC w/ACX Coolers. Very fun, but does require a little more configuring to have work effectively in all games. From what I've seen online this setup will perform better than 1x 780 at a similar price point.

    OC'ing is solid on these 760's. I'm running 1280/1267MHz Core speeds and 3404MHz (6808MHz effective) memory speeds. The ACX coolers are keeping them cool at about 75C peak. Almost overkill for my current single 22" 1920x1080 monitor (I have 2 others to hook up still). I'm having no issues on a 650w PSU. You don't need water cooling running this SLI setup. I idle around 24-28C (about 20C room temp), and game between 60-75C. These temps will be fine for long term use.

    Would I do SLI'd 760's again? No. I did because I like to think of my machine as the "Underdog" Machine, or the "Little Rig that Could". I originally built it with the intention of staying with a single 760. Funny how plans change. If I were to do it again I'd go with a 780 with the intent of SLI'ing that in the future.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys I really appreciate it, would definitely go with MSI Lightning and 850W power supply.
  4. Hell_Green said:
    Thanks for the feedback guys I really appreciate it, would definitely go with MSI Lightning and 850W power supply.

    Great choice, the best solution for your setup is to go with a single MSI GTX 780 Lightning which will easily max out any game at 1080p.

    You don't need an 850W power supply unless you plan to SLI later. A single, quality 650W power supply will be plenty and leave you with overclocking headroom also. Something like the Corsair RM650 would be sufficient for your setup. You could step up to the 750W model if you want but the 650W would be plenty for a single 780 setup.
  5. Appreciate your feedback Ilomit5. I would definitely go with 850W power supply just in case I needed another 780 lightning on the future because i've heard rumors that there will be new GTX 790 with about 10 GB VRAM which makes me question my self why would they do that if the titan has already 6 GB and reaching out to the max level. I've reached to an answer which was that the modern game industry's who cooperate with Nvidia are planning to release games that requires high standards. so better to pick one 780 lightning and one later on so I wont have to buy anything expensive like the new Titan black edition or the GTX 790.
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