are all modular PSU PCI-E cables the same? I.E can i use a generic one to fit HX850?

Hey there!

Just bought a new card for SLi, and realised I have left my PSU modular cable box at my parents, who are away for a week.

needless to say, sunday being my day off, i want to try it out! can I just rock up to any computer store and buy PCI-E cables to fit? the PSU is a corsair hx850. - are the cables a standard fitting?

I have a PC world near me but im not asking there if it will work or not, and it takes agessss to get there and back... i suppose i could take the power supply but easy sometimes to ask clever bods here :]

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  1. I do not think so, manufacturer specific.
  2. ok, new thread time.. :]
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