7850 or 2 6870 in crossfire

hi my friend wants to sell me his 2gb 7850 for $100 i currently have a 6870 i can get another for 80 - 100 dollars. what do you think is the better option im leaning tord the 7850 because of the unreliablness of multi card rigs but i want the best overall performance any thoughts

o P.S i play COD ghost crysis 2 wow and lol
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    I had an AMD 7850 for a year and it was a great card. I then upgraded to 2 AMD 270x graphics cards in crossfire configuration and while i found the performance great in games like Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed 4 didn't benefit much if at all. I removed one card and am now looking at getting a single AMD 280x.
    Crossfire works great depending on the game but the 7850 will be mantle compatible and more reliable performance overall.:D
  2. The 2 x HD 6870s will be faster in games that are CF aware (most all today). But be sure that your MB is at least X8, X8 lanes. A 2nd slot that is only X4 lanes wide will hamper performance. Also be sure to use driver 13.12 or later containing Frame Pacing to eliminate micro-stutter.
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