Combine my pedestal server for personal use and to host one or two dedicated servers

I am already making plans with my ISP to set up an enterprise level internet connection with speeds up to 100mb/s. I would like to know if it is possible to own a pedestal server, with the proper specs of course, and not only host one or two dedicated server for about 10-15 users, but also use that same pedestal server as my own pc. Is this possible? And if so, what specs should I consider for this pedestal server?
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  1. Assuming 'pedestal server' means 'a PC or server in a regular case'......Yes you can, but you really, really do not want to.

    A server meant to service multiple outside people should be walled off from your personal stuff.
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    A "pedestal" server is usually called a Tower server, as opposed to a rack-mounted server. Yes, you could use it for your personal PC, if you like using a server operating system for you user PC. However, server operating systems are not designed for personal use. For instance, there really isn't any good anti-virus solutions for servers because you aren't supposed to use servers to surf the web and do e-mail from.

    So not using a server as your personal PC keeps it safer because you're not browsing with it or clicking on links in e-mails with it. It also keeps your personal stuff safer because you aren't sharing your personal PC with a dozen other people, and possibly hackers. Servers, being open to the Internet, attract hackers like crazy. They should be buttoned up tightly, which can get in the way of personal computing. If you open up the security on a server in order to use it as a PC, you make it easier for hackers to break in and get at your personal stuff.

    Lastly, server operating systems typically don't make running games very easy. I remember trying to make my Microsoft Server 2008 server occasionally double as an extra workstation for playing Medal of Honor at home LAN parties. I never did figure out why it wouldn't run on the server, and that was a pretty old game.
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