Please help got some questions on overclocking my rig.

i have this old i7 920 cpu that im trying to over clock ive been reading around but it all seems so confusing im trying to get a stable clock that wont kill my cpu i was thinking of over clocking it to 4ghz but idk if thats to high and will kill my cpu. i have an evga x58 sli motherboard the i7 920 cpu 6gb of ram i got a corsair 850 tx psu. its and old cpu so i wanna try to boost it im planning on getting a newer cpu and board later on. but i dont wanna kill my current cpu. ive read that there is a certain temp i need to keep my cpu under and that i should not go over a certain amount of volts. i just installed a water cooling kit into my pc so im sure it can handle the over clock but like i said i dont wanna kill my cpu and ideas?? thanks
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  1. If you want a program use intel extreme tuning utility, if your computer supports it use intel desktop control center. Also 4 ghz is dangerous so use something like:
    But you have water cooling so that might be good enough.
  2. What does that program do? Does it allow me to over click it thru the desktop? And yea i got water cooling So I'm sure I'm ok stock setting under load i hit 45c
  3. Is overclocking thru this program the same as overclocking thru the bios?
  4. this is a little bit easier. try playing with it and see what you can do.
  5. The values are blanked or i can't adjust anything
  6. then maybe your cpu doesn't support overclocking. Or the program doesn't support your cpu
  7. your CPU is old and probably wont work for overclocking, try getting a unlocked cpu: i7-3770K or i5-3570K
  8. K so i over clocked it and it runs then it freezes whay could be causing this issue?? Would i need to increase the volts on the cpu??
  9. What freezes? Also im not really sure because my cpu doesn't support overclocking so i don't know. i do have the program i just dont have that much use for it other than benchmarks.
  10. I leave it on stress test it runs for like 10 min then freezes
  11. while it is overclocked?
  12. maybe you set the stress test for 10 minutes
  13. also if you want to know if you can overclock click the system information tab and look for turbo overclock able. false means you cant true means you can
  14. Yea i run the stress test while over clocked,to see if its stable but it freezes
  15. well you have a old cpu so you might need a new one. also for overclocking make sure you use a unlocked cpu. the only unlocked cpus are i7-3770K and i5-3570K
  16. yea its a first gen lol i dont wanan buy a new one yet thats y im trying to over clock this one i got it tho 4ghz 60c under stress test sweet =D
  17. yes you have a old cpu so 60c is ok, and your overclocking. i dont overclock (because i cant with my cpu even though its new) but when my cpu goes at full power it is 120f about 48c.
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    but if overclocking is freezing you then thats just because your cpu is old and isn't stable enough. but i7 is good
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