Will this graphics card fit on my mobo?

Hi, I have a HP Pavillion p7-1027c computer which has a AAHD3-HB motherboard.

Would a MSI Radeon HD6450 1GB low profile PCIE fit? The PSU is 250 wats, so how could I figure out what my PSU output is WITHOUT a card in it?
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    Yes it will fit in the case. The card has a length of about 14.5cm and the case has a max length of approx. 41cm.

    Regarding the power consumption, use the tool in the link below, though the manufacturer lists that a 400W power supply is needed. I reckon though that a 350W should suffice.
  2. Will a 610 Nvidia work? It says it needs 300w but my psu is 250
  3. Well I believe you will be fine but don't take it for granted! There are some really capable power supplies in the market and at really good prices. At least you won't have to worry again about wattage issues.
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