32gb ram showing as 24gb

Hey everyone,

So I have a new system here, I just installed windows and everything was normal, ram showed as 32gb, but then when updates finished installing it said I only have 24gb of ram, its like that in the bios as well (24gb). I read on some places to enable xmp and all that, but it didn't change anything. Still at 24gb.

My mobo is the asus rampage iv black edition and the ram is the gskill ripjaws z 32gb 2400mhz quad channel.

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  1. Reseat the ram modules.
  2. Having the same issue on an ASUS X99-A with G.Skill F4-2400C15's. The BIOS is showing 28GB, but (and this is crazy) CPU-Z *correctly* sees all 32GB and which slots they are in. So it's not a bad seat. I have, for kicks reseated, but that doesnt fix anything. Tried a CMOS full reset. No bueno. Ideas?
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