Need Help With First Gaming Rig?

Hello, I am going to be building my first gaming pc soon.

Here is a link to the parts I am thinking of using

I would be very appreciated if you could post about part suggestions, compatibility issues, general advice, etc.

Also, my budget is $1000-$1100 so keep that in mind while posting. Thanks so much!!!
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  1. 750w is too much, even with a 30$ discount. You only need 550-600w
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    Ok great! I'm going to switch it out with a 650 watt EVGA
    Any other advice?
  3. Well you could get the newer version of the i5 cpu, the i5 4670K.
    That + ASRock Z87 Extreme4 motherboard and it should be around the same price as your current listed items.
    i personally own the i5 4670K, its a tad faster than the old
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