Something setting Ipv4 DNS server to manual

I often have the problem of my Ipv4 setting on my wireless adapter card (realtek) setting to manual connection and not allowing me to connect to WiFi, and even once have had the Ipv6 and Ipv4 on both my wireless adapter and ethernet connection set themselves to manual.

Does anyone know why this would be happening and how I might fix it? The computer with the problem is a laptop bought early summer 2011, the model is A52f-XA3 ( upgraded to 8GB RAM.
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    Sounds like a familiar virus I heard awhile ago that did that very issue. Can be quite nasty.

    the basics:
    If you have Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) that is garbage and you need to uninstall it first
    go to and download / install AVAST! or AVG and have them to a FULL SCAN of your computer.
    downloaded and run MALWAREBYTES to run a full scan and clean the PC of Malware (very different then Viruses).
    Download Slim Driver and make sure all drivers are up to date.
    Download SPECCY and post the first tab here, so we can see your entire specs.
  2. Avast is installed booting and scanning now, downloading the other programs may take a while (~1mbps wifi) and will post answers when I get them.
  3. 24 updates for drivers..., still waiting on scans


    Avast: no threats found

    Malware: 6 things found, 2 sweetim, others similar

    Slim drivers: still updating the 24...
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