Toshiba 1TB hard drive stopped working can I recover data for mac?

I have had a 1tb toshiba external drive that I used for backup for the past year and had it formatted for my mac. Recently it stopped being recognized by my mac and does not show up.

The light turns on when it connects but it is now making this quiet clicking sound. It clicks 4 times in rhythm and then the light flashes and it repeats continuously every 4 clicks a blink. After 5 minutes my mac says it cannot read the hard rive and the disk utility pops up. The option to repair isn't clickable but it looks like I could erase all data to it.

I have followed a video that shows how to take apart the hard drive to be installed directly into a computer but the directions all end with Windows PCS not macs.

Basically my question is if it is possible to open my mac and test this hard drive by plugging it in directly?
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  1. No need to test it, the clicking noise is the sound of the read/write heads which have crashed and have jammed up against the disk data platters. Some of the data will have been destroyed when this happened because the heads should never touch the platters in normal operation.

    The hard drive has failed. It's data can only be recovered by a data recovery specialist who charge a small fortune to do the job.
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