Partitioning & changing file system format of a Portable HDD

If I partition my 1TB external HDD into 2 (750GB & 250GB) can I convert one partition (250GB) of it to FAT 32 file system while other partition (750FB) remains in NTFS file system?
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  1. Yes, but Windows will only recognise the first partition.

    Perfectly fine if you only expect to connect it to Macs or Linux machines.
  2. Hi

    I am not sure why only one partition would show up

    why do you need FAT 32 as most modern Operating Systems can read NTFS
    Drivers are available to provide full read write support on Mac OS
    (Seagate provide them for their external usb drives)
    Most modern Linux can also read & write to NTFS

    Windows will object to formatting partitions as FAT 32 if over 32GB

    a bootable Partition Management program CD or USB should be able to do this for you
    example gparted live linux CD


    Mike Barnes
  3. Thanks a lot for answering. I need to view some of the files in my external HDD from my galaxy tab & it does not support NTFS system. But I don't want to convert my whole 1TB external HDD into FAT32 as it contains files larger than 4GB and if I convert whole 1TB I won't be able to use my HDD to save such large files. If anybody knows how to partition my external HDD and convert only one part to FAT32 file system, please tell me how to do it. I would be grateful if you could provide me step by step information as I have never done that & have very little experience in converting between file systems.
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    I am not sure why only one partition would show up

    Unfortunately, the presence of only one filesystem on USB-connected drives on Windows is not easily bypassed (UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) might fix it; not sure). And yes, it does happen, pretty much all the time. Try it.

    Windows will object to formatting partitions as FAT 32 if over 32GB

    Never had that happen; will try. Fairly sure I've done it before, though.

    Unfortunately, I think you'll pretty much need to get a second HDD dedicated for Android/FAT32 use. Blame Windows.

    EDIT: Tested, and you're right, Windows doesn't offer FAT32 as an option for large drives. Not sure about the 32GB limit (I'm fairly sure I've done 64GB SD cards), but the 500GB drive I tested only had exFAT and NTFS options.
  5. Hi

    I have put hard disks from problem PC's into USB to sata or USB to pata trays and had no problem reading more than one partition.
    Although these drives were partitioned & formatted by windows in a PC
    I will have to try partitioning in a USB tray to confirm this behaviour


    Mike Barnes
  6. I know it doesn't do it for flash drives. I'll check with a SATA drive.
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