Graphics Card Upgrade Advice For a Dell Studio

Hi guy's, new to here so thanks for the advice in advance - and apologies if this is posted in the wrong place etc!

I currently own a decent Dell Studio 540 pc, approx 4yrs old.
The specs are:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66 GHz 2.67 GHz
4 GB Ram
NVIDIA Geforce 9800 512MB GDDR3 (PCI-E slot)

My situation is, i'd like to moderately upgrade the gfx card on a max budget of approx £100. This is for a couple of reasons.
Firstly - I'd like a HDMI output as im wanting a larger monitor upgrade (currently have a 19" and want to go to a 23" using HDMI connection) and the current card doesnt have HDMI facility, though it does have a DVI which i currently connect with.
Secondly - It would be nice to play games a little smoother. The only games i play on my pc are Warcraft and SWTOR both of which ran surprisingly well on my old card at 1440x900 res in mid to high end gfx settings (wow runs at almost 60fps). Though at 'full' high settings they do suffer from some lag and frame-rate issues. The other thing is that i'd like to run the games at the new higher resolution of 1920x1080 which my new future 23" monitor will display on decent level detail settings!

The catch here is that I really don't want to have to upgrade the power supply, which i'm aware is famously low Dell pc's like this at only 300-350w, as I'm really not tech capable with pc hardware! I've spent a lot of time last few days looking at possible gfx card upgrades on the net and found only a few which seem to me would be viable in this circumstance:

Asus Radeon R7240 or R7250 (they only require about 70w supply is this correct!?)
Asus AMD Radeon HD 7750 (found a user review saying it worked with his 300w psu!)

My most important question is, would these cards indeed work on my pc with it's current power supply and which is the best one? Would they be a significant enough upgrade over my old gfx card? And as an extra, how would they cope with running games like SWTOR and World of Warcraft at on a bigger monitor at a higher res of 1920?!

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  1. The R7 250 is a great option. It will run way faster than your old card, and it supports HDMI. If you want to play more demanding games, I recommend you an R7 260x or better.
  2. Thankyou :-)
    I thought perhaps that was the best choice too.
    If i may ask you - will it be fine with my Dell's 300-350w power supply? And will it fit ok into my PCI-E slot!?
  3. Every graphics card available will fit in that slot.

    What's your PSUs brand? You can buy a higher wattage PSU, only if you wish to CrossFire 2 cards.
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    Any of the cards you mention would run off the existing powersupply, Dell usually equip their systems with quality units and famously under rate them.
    As far as I recall both WoW and SWTOR prefer Nvidia hardware so I'll suggest you look for a GTX650-not the TI or Ti Boost versions, just the GTX650.
    Whatever card you consider, if the PSU lacks a PCI-E lead, check the card specs carefully to make sure it doesn't require the extra power lead, you can always return it under the Distance Selling Regulations (Google it) but it'll save hassle if you just get the right card. ;)
    Have a read here:,review-32865.html The chart at the end may be of particular interest.
    As always when on a tight budget, shop around and look for the specials.
    A few nice people: Dabs, Aria, Scan, Overclockers, Novatech, Pixmania, Ebuyer and CCL.
  5. Thanks for the replies again guys :-)

    Just looked inside the Dell pc and taken a few pics detailling the way the gfx card is connected to the PCI-E the psu. But after all that, it doesn't appear as if you can include images in posts here! :-p

    So, for information the power supply is a LITEON 350w (Model no: PS-6351-2).

    The current Geforce gfx card appears to have to seperate leads connected up to it on different sides. One set of leads has a tiny white connector on the end plugged into the gfx card and the other is a thicker cluster of cables with a fatter black connection. Being a novice,I'm not sure what these two leads are, but hopefully one is the PCI-E lead from the psu you mentioned Coozie?!

    These are the two i think it seems would best based on your advices:

    I'm leaning more towards the GTX650 after you recommended it. It also seems like it might be the slightly better card of the two? It also appears to be a little cheaper too which is an extra bonus! My only final question would be, will it also run ok with my 350w power supply?!

    Thanks :-)
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