Is the AMD A10 5800k a good choice?

Ok i plan on building my first pc within the next 3 weeks and still trying to decide what i should get for a CPU/APU. My build will be a gaming build, so my question is will the AMD A10 5800k be a good choice for playing the few games i like till i have the money for the gpu i want. Im gonna play mainly Garys Mod, Minecraft, Skyrim, and the Half Life Series. Do you think this is a good choice or can you advise me on a cpu/apu that will work better around the same price till i can get my gpu? thank you
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  1. APUs are not ideal for gaming. You will get much better performance by saving up for a real CPU and GPU. The 7850k is about equal to a 4300, yet it's double the price. For that you could get an 8320 or 8350 and a GPU later on. Patience is a good thing to have in this situation. You will regret getting an APU just to pass the time until you have the money for a GPU.
  2. 5800k can play css at 1080p maxed out no aa 75fps
  3. well my problem is that i need something soon since my current laptop died on me and i use it for work. so the important thing is it will be able for me to do work then gaming as second till my employer can get me a new laptop which usually takes 3 to 4 months for them to approve! but this is the list of stuff i had picked out.
    And i should add im not interested in the crazy graphically intensive games like battlefield, crysis, etc but still be able to play future games like elder scrolls online, or if there is a fallout 4 coming.
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    If you plan on using the A10-5800k for gaming, get faster memory, that APU can handle 2400mhz memory (overclocked memory speed) and it makes a huge difference to the performance of the GPU side of the APU

    With APU's the faster the memory the better it will run

    I participated in the Gigabyte Dig for Victory Competition for the AMD APU section, and you realize that the GPU's on those apu's are not running any where near their full potential. Had no problem running faster memory on the APU , and with a decent CPU cooler you can push the GPU clock quite a bit without any voltage tweaks too
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