i have downloaded drivers from realtek and windows and asus. my desktop still doesnt find the network adapter

I have an asus p8z77-v lx motherboard with i7-3770k cpu running windows 7. Initially I built my gaming desktop and everything was running perfect. Shortly after the build I got my first blue screen of death. Eventually it went from one BSOD a day to one an hour to one a minute. I started looking into what the problem could be and hard tested every component in my system. Everything passed so then I decided to reinstall my OS. During the install when it went to updated windows it gave an error message saying it couldn't connect to the internet. I looked into it and the network adapter doesn't show in the device manager. I went to the asus website to download the newest driver update and nothing. I tried the oldest update and nothing. I downloaded driver update from Realtek and Windows, nothing. I don't know what else to do. Ive tried everything I could find out about online. HELP!
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    make sure you have all the necessary hardware and cables properly connected to your motherboard. If you haven't updated your bios, i would suggest you to do it. And lastly, clear CMOS or reset everything in bios on default and start your pc again.
  2. This did the trick! Thanks a million!
  3. fenixdown8 said:
    This did the trick! Thanks a million!

    glad that helped
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