How to make sure if my desktop is using GPU instead of integrated card?

I have a desktop with i5 2300 and Radeon 6450. I know that 6450 is not a gaming card but I still see people on Youtube who can play most games easily at lower resolutions.
Last year I noticed that my laptop used to play less demading games on Intel HD 3000 rather than 525M. Since i5 uses Intel HD 2000 I fear that it uses that instead of 6450. How can I make sure my desktop to use GPU instead of integrated one?
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  1. By connecting the monitor to the card not the motherboard outputs and of course have the drivers for the card installed.
  2. Mine is a prebuilt PC so I am not sure what you are saying.
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    Both your motherboard and graphics card have monitor outputs, where you connect the monitor cable. If the monitor cable is connected to the card you are using the card and if connected to the motherboard you are using the onboard HD2000.
  4. Thanks but I was already using the GPU. That means I need an upgrade! :)
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