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So i'm having a problem with my new build.

The first problem i had with this build is that my GPU was not being recognized, this was fixed by flashing the BIOS then everything was ok.
About a week later i noticed my computer was having problems shutting down. I would press the shut down button, the Windows 8 loader would popup briefly before the monitor then went blank and received no more signal. However the computer would stay on and i would end up having to force shut down by holding the power button to turn it off.
Then after turning it back on i would see in the Event logger that i had a critical kernal 41 error, presumably due to me forcing shutdown?

Then all of a sudden the other day while i was playing Civ 5 my computer randomly restarted. The screen went blank briefly, i didn't see any BIOS screen, then i saw the Windows 8 loader, then my screen just went blank again and there was nothing i could do, so i had to force shutdown. Again i could see the Kernal 41 error in the event logger.
I booted my computer back up and tried to play another 2 times and within 15 minutes on both occasions my computer rebooted itself again!

Last night i removed my GPU and played Civ 5 for about 5 hours on integrated graphics with no problems at all, even booting down when finished went smoothly!

So this makes me think this could be an issue with my GPU, but i guess could also possibly be the PSU or mobo?

This is my setup, mostly purchased about a month ago;

i5 4670 + stock fan
Asus Z87-A
Kingston KC300 SSD
Corsair CS650M Gold PSU
Windows 8.1 Pro
500GB Seagate HDD (from previous comp)
2 x 2GB samsung 1333 memory (from previous comp)
Nvidia GT440 (from previous comp)

Now i am planning to upgrade both the GPU and RAM at the end of the month but just wanted to determine why this problem is occurring because maybe i need to send back one of the other parts?

I ran Prime95 for about 20-30 mins and had no errors, with temperatures rising to about 80c (with GPU not in the computer).

Just 30 minutes ago i put the GPU back in the computer and tried to run Furmark but before i could even start the test my computer rebooted again (when i only had file explorer open).
In the Event logger 2 errors and a critical error occurred when this happened..

Critical: Kernal-Power 41 (the same one seen a lot before)
Error: Kernal-boot 22
Error: volmgr "Crash dump initialization failed!" 46

If anyone can help work out what the problem is here i will be very grateful!

Thank you!
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  1. I also tried using the GPU in another PCIE slot and had the same problem so i'm guessing its not the motherboard. I'm convinced it is the GPU but would appreciate any input on this. Is there anyway i can test the PSU? Although the GPU does not require its own power cable so i don't think the the load would be much more?
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