I just got a new hard drive to install my games on and it isn't coming up in my computer what should i do?

I just got a 1 TB WD hard drive to go along with my 500gb version. I installed it in my computer fine and when I booted it I went to the Bios and it showed up and when I got into windows it installed the device software a it does but it dosen't come up in my computer.
What should I do and thanks for any help.
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  1. Dear pl open disk management console. Right click on My Computer and click at Manage then click at Disk Management. There your drive will be showing. Right click it and activate it.
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    A brand new internal hard drive has to be partitioned and formatted before Windows can assign a drive letter to it and write data to it. You can do that in Disk Management where the drive should be shown as "Unallocated Space".

    Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

    Find the drive in the bottom-right panel (unallocated space).
    Right click and choose "New Simple Volume".

    When that's been created (only takes a few seconds), right-click on it and choose "Format" (takes considerably longer than volume creation).
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