Building new PC - should I wait?


I'm gonna build me a new PC to last me the next 2-3 years.

Is there anything good and fancy coming out this spring/summer?

Should I wait a few months or get it right now?
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  1. Depends on your requirement and yes nVIDIA is rolling out its 800 series GPUs and DDR4 RAMs are expected as well.
  2. Well I'm looking for something medium-range, not too expensive, around the $1000 mark for a complete setup without monitor.

    Do you know if the DDR4 ram is coming out in spring or autumn?
  3. Yup they'll be a refresh on Intel CPU's slight bump to current Haswell's. And, there will be a Haswell-E on the 2011 socket. There is "some" talk of a faster interface for SSD drives too, but that's only a maybe at this point. The NVidia Maxwell architecture GPU's will be out, already seeing photos of GTX750 & 750Ti...
  4. Thanks for the answer jb6684.

    I saw some performance test of the 750Ti and it's slighty slower than the 660.
    I was thinking of getting the 770, so I guess waiting for the 750Ti is pointless for me?

    Also does the Haswells have any performance edge of the 3rd generation intels?
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    Yeah, the 750Ti is a pretty low end Maxwell, I'd wait for the higher end models, they are suppose to be awesome... I would want at least 3Gb RAM on a new GPU, so, I'd skip the 770's. But, I'll bet they drop the prices on GTX780's when the replacements come out, I'd grab one (or two) of those in a minute.

    Yeah, Sandy/Ivy Bridge run on the 1155 pin motherboard, and I don't see Any new CPU's coming out for that motherboard so, it's dead-end. I'd certainly go with Haswell 1150 motherboard, so you might upgrade CPU in the future....
  6. Alright, thank you very much!
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