If I'm installing a new AMD Radeon Hd 7750, should I uninstall my current graphics drivers?

Just wondering, when I'm about to install my new graphics card, should I uninstall my current graphics drivers which are for an AMD Radeon hd 8400 onboard graphics. Im just wondering this because I was told some amd graphics cards are capable of doing some kind of hybrid crossfire with certain onboard amd graphics. Thanks in advance~
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    Actually,the proper way of doing it is,uninstalling the old drivers,doing a driversweep to make sure there are no remains of the old driver and then installing the card. And about the crossifre, I don't think using the 7750 in hybrid CF is a good idea,for they make little or no increase in fps like 2 or 3 fps. And AMD recommends 6 series GPU,on te top of the list,6670 for the hybrid CF. So 7750 in Hybrid CF is nothing but stupid idea.It will run better as a discrete GPU. :)
  2. Thanks a crap ton mate.. And just one quick question, how would i do a driver sweep? Is it just by checking under my display adapters and uninstall the drivers from there? Like for example on my computer I have amd radeon hd 8400. I just go under it and click uninstall right. Is there anything else I'd have to do?
  3. There's a chance of having some leftovers of the old drivers even after uninstalling. Though I wouldn't say it's much of a problem, you could use this software to clean up those leftovers and make sure everything goes fine.
    You can read how to do it in this page,and the download link at the bottom. It's very easy. Good luck. :)
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