i5 4440+msi B57 OR fx6300 + msi970-G46

I know the i5. Proc n mobo will beat the fx combo hands down, but here's my requirements:

''I'll be using 4 GB DDR3 RAM 1600kHz for both builds, 1 tb hdd, a cooler master low/mini tower and a 450 W PSU (as of now, can be altered if the rig demands), AND ON A BUDGET.

1.)a little tight on budget so if I go for i5 combo then would be upgrading gpu after 4-5 months, undecided though which one

2.) if I get the fx build then buying a gpu right away probably sapphire HD 7770

3.) I'm a casual gamer, hope to run fifa 14 and probably it's upcoming 2-3 versions in future, apart from fifa, little of batman, assassins creed 3,4, black flag etc at MED. settings

4.) hardly a chance that I'll upgrade the rig in future
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    I'd say get the i5, it will perform much better overall, once you get a gpu of course. You could even go with an h81 board to save some more money, since you won't be upgrading much then PCI 3.0 isn't really a factor. Try for 8GB of ram if you can however.
  2. I would go for the AMD fx 6300 great processor and they are quite cheap too and would be all that you will need for running those games at least on medium settings the gpu you want is also good along with the amd processor. you might want to consider a 500w branded PSU to power the PC as amd uses more watts than intel.
    This psu is high quality and will be enough to power your system
    If i where you AMD is the way to go if your on a budget you wont regret it.
  3. Ok, but would a 1 GB DDR5 gpu be enough for the fx 6300? I mean I would beuusing a 19'' lcd at the max so don't see the point of going for anything over 1 gb gpu.

    The RAM would be upgraded in near future, the maim concern is the proc since. With the i5 I'd have to wait and maybe compromise on the gpu aswell
  4. a 1 gb gpu would be fine for resolutions of 1440x900 and 1600x900
  5. 1gb is fine yes and just stick to what you where originally gonna go for get the fx6300 with the 7770 with that 550w psu and you will be set mate go for it.
  6. ethereal essence said:
    a 1 gb gpu would be fine for resolutions of 1440x900 and 1600x900

    this, if you have a 1080p monitor i'd get 2gb vram
  7. With all the reviews and the research I did I find the i5 4440 a better choice and future proof for at least next 3 years.

    So the gpu can wait as of now, because I think I'm definitely not making a mistake by going for the i5 4440 over the fx6300.

    A good budget mobo for the i5 proc?

    A mobo that can support 8 gb ddr3 ram and a 1 gb ddr5 gpu,

    I'll be using just 4 gb ram as of now, the other 4 gb will come when I buy the gpu.

    One more thing, the gpu will be a 1 gb ddr5 only, no chance a 2 gb so please suggest a budget mobo accordingly
  8. for a good budget mobo you can consider

    the main draw back with the h81 mobos is that they don't have pcie 3.0 but that isn't an issue right now, and even in 3 years only the highest end graphics cards will really see much of a difference.
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