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Hi. I just signed up to Tom's Hardware today just to post this thread. I have been looking for about a year now, trying to find the best mouse out there. I recently saw a post by milosv123344, but it was last updated one year ago. It also had a budget of $100 or less whereas my budget is much more flexible, and I'm wondering if any new mice have been created since then. If you could answer me in this format it would be greatly appreciated (I'm copying some of milosv123344's post):

5 best gaming mouses out there at the moment, do a 1-10 score (1 = worst, 10 = best) on each of the following criteria and maybe write a word or two why this and not that and so on.
DPI (higher the better)
Drivers (complexity)
Maybe somehing else if you think of it

I quite liked RazerAddict's answer to milosv123344's question, so you could use that as a template.

Now I have another question: What exactly is a driver? I'm quite new to all of this, even though I've been looking for awhile.

I hope this doesn't take too long, and thanks so much!
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    - Comfort and Ergonomics is way too dependent on the user to give a number on, someone with tiny hands isnt going to have fun with something like a RAT7, while a guy with bear hands is going to struggle with a Lachesis. Then you have different grip styles and weight preferences.
    - More DPI doesnt equal more better IMO, my Deathadder can hit 6400DPI, I have it set to 1600 as thats what feels good to use.
    - A driver is the software required for Windows to interface with hardware, this includes stuff like your motherboard, graphics card, sound card as well as your mouse. You cant really have a "bad" driver as all it is meant to do is let you manipulate the mouses settings to an extent better than the default Windows drivers, though Razer have managed to screw that up with Razer Synapse...
    - Functionality like thumb buttons should be included I think, but again is dependant on the games you play. If your an FPS player, you need 2-3 buttons at most on the mouse, MMO addict, 10 buttons probably isnt enough.

    My conclusion, there is no "best mouse" and there is no way to rank them objectively as they are so reliant on the users preferences and needs. Figure out what you want in the mouse, find ones that fit the bill, and compare between them.
    If you have been looking for a year, youv probably found this already. But if not, it should help you find a good mouse.
  2. Also give a look at the SteelSeries Rival. You might find it better
  3. It depends on what you want it for. If you want an MMO mouse with 10+ buttons there are very few choices and I'd go with the Naga. If you want an fps mouse then you definitly want an optical mouse as its more precise then a lazer mouse. There are few good ones but again with another razer mouse I'd go with the Razer Deathadder. Razer is known for having top quality mice and I can definitly agree I have yet to find anything better. The only thing is they are also known for being overpriced and breaking easy HOWEVER It was worth the money I spent and have not had a single razer product I own. (keep in mind while their mice are good, not everything Razer makes is top quality coughblackwidowcough)
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