seeking MoBo to run 3 controllers PCIe (gen3) at 16x, 8x, 8x without bandwidth limitation

I need to build a graphics Workstation with one professional graphics controller (PCIe 16x) and 2 LSI MegaRAID 8i controllers (both at PCIe 8x) installed.


Sorry, I neglected to add that this Graphics-Workstation (Windows7-64) is used for Video editing.
This means: large files (sometimes several) are read from any of the 2 LSI MeagRAIDs while (often at the same time) Video-sequences are cut, pasted, rendered etc.

Chipsets are X79, Z87. Any other suggestion?
Specific suggestions for Mobo ?


I find it hard to find a suitable motherboard that supports the PCIe (gen3) bandwidth without limitations.

Which Motherboard(s) would conform (or best meet) to the setup described?

Your advice is highly appreciated.
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  1. you will not saturate pci-e 3.0

    but there are some socket 2011 boards that will, you need a plx chip on it to increase your lane count.
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