Prime95 Stress test and Hardware error Message

Running Prime95 in a dual CPU Dell Precision 690 (Xeon 5160, 3.00GHz) and WinXP-64.
Saw following message "Possible HW errors have occurred during test 3! ROUNDOFF > 0.4".
Ran torture blend test for 72 hours. No errors or warnings were reported.
Re-started Prime95 work, see same error message for CPUs3,4.
Any ideas ?
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  1. Just to clear it up... You started a new blend test after the errors?
  2. Yes Sir. Saw error, and let Prime95 continue its operation for a couple of hours (thinking it was a rare event).

    After that, checked logs and noticed that error had been reported continuously for a few hours (same error message).

    Stopped work and set up torture test (Blend option). Left PC alone for about 3 days (test ran for 69 hours). Came back and stopped test and checked log. No errors or warnings reported for the 4 cores.

    Re-started Prime95 normal work, and noticed immediately same error message displayed.

    Stopped it again and started a new torture test for CPUs only (small FFT), and then posted problem on forum.
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