Huge FPS drop after restarting the computer

I've this problem for a month now, everytime I restart the computer, I get very low FPS in everything, from youtube videos to video games, even my browser becomes a bit unresponsive.
To fix it temporarily (until computer restart), I have to reinstall NVIDIA's Vcard drivers, then I can use it normally.
I have an GTX 650Ti / I7 4770K. Changed to an 560 for testing purposes (from another manufacturer) and the problem persisted after restarting.
Any ideas why? Thanks.
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  1. Try making a full clean up of your video drivers with Driver Cleaner Pro before reinstalling them.
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    the basics:
    If you have Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) that is garbage and you need to uninstall it first
    go to and download / install AVAST! or AVG and have them to a FULL SCAN of your computer.
    downloaded and run MALWAREBYTES to run a full scan and clean the PC, Malware is DIFFERENT then viruses
    Download Slim Driver and make sure all drivers are up to date.
    Download SPECCY and post the first tab here, this will give us also you IDLE temp
    Download install MSI Afterburner, then run some games or other 3D apps, if you do crash, what was the temp?
    Open the case, use canned air and blow out all the bunnies inside, use a paint brush on the vent , fans, grills, etc.

    See where we stand once all these are done. Consistantly people on the forums after running BOTH AVAST or AVG and Malwarebytes have found crap on their PCs doing alot of what you said and were resolved with removal.
  3. what did you do to fix this?
  4. MasterCodem said:
    what did you do to fix this?

    OP here, sorry for late answer, this thread is 1 year old.
    It's been a while since I had that problem, but I remember reinstalling windows, see if it that helps. Thank you.
  5. Corrupted Windows doesn't help! LOL
    But also keep aware, if your running on a HDD for more then 4 years, your likely to have wear and tear and maybe exhibiting a slow death (corrupt data). Usually before doing a CLEAN Windows install I use DBAN to WIPE the drive. If it take SEVERAL HOURS to wipe or if ERRORS are coming up, it means the HDD is going. While a new HDD is around $100, considering the age of the REST of the computer, in many cases for those "I just to type and surf webpages" it is the point in time $199 for that Walmart Laptop with WARRANTIES is more practical going forward.
    Open task manager, and go 2 details, (be sure to not have a any programs up) look for a program at the top that you doesnt recognize, and end task. That helped me a LOT. Search it up how to uninstall it too.

  7. A) CPUMINER/GPUMINER - IS NOT A INFECTION. This is a program YOU installed to set THAT computer to do nothing else then BITCOIN creating to make you MONEY.

    B) If you NEVER intended to install that, simply go to Control Panel then PROGRAMS and UNINSTALL the program.

    C) IF you never 'intended' and you can't FIND it then you MAYBE 'botted' with program that will KEEP the files running in the background. AKA your STILL "INFECTED". Turning it off ONCE in task manager doesn't DELETE the problem, it only STOPS it for that moment. Please FOLLOW the 'ANSWER' selected to PROPERLY address your concern, which will REMOVE any BOT take over infections.
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