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Hi all
This maybe a stupid ? and I probably answer it myself..My gpu when idle,just on the net ect is at 300/300 both clocks and my temp is allways 45c.I know thats not high for a gpu but at idle I figured it should be about 30c?I have a bottom mounted psw with a big exaust fan on top of it..So it just blows up to the graphic card.I can't mount a fan on the back of case between them..If I get another case that i can mount the pwr suppy on top..Will this fix my prob or am i just being stupid and it and it is fine.
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  1. what really matters is what the temps are under load.45c is about 10 degrees more than mine runs at idle but if it doesnt go off the charts under load i wouldnt worry.if you google your cards specs it will give you the max temps.
  2. under load it is fine ..about 60c when playing games
  3. hell,nothing to worry about there. i mean,more case fans or a different arrangement of fans may help but unless your as ocd about it as i am no
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    In that case, don't worry about it. You probably just have an airflow problem in your case. Don't worry about gpu temps until you get upwards of 90c
  5. Thanx for help
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