What power supply do I need for a msi gtx 780 gaming and a i5 4670k?

Is 600W enough or should I get more?
I'm planning on overclocking both the CPU and the GPU.

Edit: Built my computer now, thanks for the advice. Please close this if possible, I can't find any way to do it myself.
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  1. umm

    What cpu and gpu are you using
  2. A quality 600 watt should do just fine. However it must be good quality.
  3. GTX 780 = 250W max power
    Core i7 4670K = 84W TDP
    Allow 40W for other components
    Total = 374W
    Most of this is on the +12V rail, and you shouldn't exceed 80% of the maximum rated power.
    374 / 0.8 = 468W minimum on the combined +12V rails.

    This means a good quality 550W power supply is enough.
    Choosing 600W to 650W gives you more headroom and allows the power supply to run quieter when the system is loaded.

    Some suggestions:
    XFX Pro 650
    Seasonic S12G 650
    Seasonic G 650
  4. This is the bare minimum I'd use for that setup if you're OCing http://pcpartpicker.com/part/seasonic-power-supply-ss650km

    However you can get this one which has more power and costs less but it isnt modular http://pcpartpicker.com/part/seasonic-power-supply-ssr750rm
  5. http://www.eggxpert.com/forums/thread/323050.aspx

    check above link and buy 550-650W PSU.
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