Cod World at War co op doesnt work even in LAN with Ethernet Cable..Help!

Hi to All.i bought with my friend 2 copies of cod WaW (Steam Edition)...we wanted to play the co op campaign in Lan with ethernet cable, without net.but it doesnt work at allI cant see his game when he hosts when i host.He can't join my game...(the game says (this game session is no longer available).

Can you help me? How can i make this game working in Lan???

p.s: Other games like Call of Duty Modern warfare 3 works perfectly in Lan...and we also tried Cod WaW online...i cant see the game of my friend..he can join mine but when the map is near to be loaded he is kicked out of the game and my pc freezes (i can run the game in single player)


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    I solved by myself! What i needed to do is to invite my friend in my game.
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