Two junk machines I found in my stack for CPU Mining!!!Which one is better?

Like I said these were two old machines I found in my graveyard and forgot about.
The first Machine is a Dell precision 690 with Dual 5130 Xeon's, 16GB FBD DDR2, 4 x 500GB sas hard drives on Perc5 controller, ATI 3d Firepro v4800 video card, and Win7Pro. The other machine is a Dell precision t3400 with a Core 2 Quad QX9650, 6 GB DDR2 800 ram, and I had a pair of 60 GB Crucial SSD's, and an XFX 7850 graphics card. All i want to do is mine Protoshares with the CPU's. Which combo would be better based on CPU? Also If im in the wrong spot im sorry I thought CPU question CPU area...
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    The Core 2 Quad QX9650 should be significantly more powerful than the 2 older Xeons.
  2. I was thinking that but the RAM in the 690 made me drool.......16GB quad channel FBD ddr2 was sexy back in the day... hehe. I know it has no bearing on the mining programs. But its getting a solid 7.0 across the board (6.2 for the HDD's) for a 7 year old machine pretty nice. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
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