Kaveri work with an FM2+ out of the box?

I'm looking at MB options and was wondering if an A10-7850k will work straight out the box? I'm looking at either the ASUS A88XM-PLUS or Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H

Are there particular versions of the MB I need to watch out for?
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  1. Asus MB:
    The board would have to have the 1002 or later BIOS to recognize the APU

    Gigabyte MB:
    The board would have to have the F4 Bios or later for that APU.
  2. I've never been an early adopter so forgive the dumb question. How do I know what BIOS the board comes with out the box? Can you flash the BIOS without a working APU on the board?
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    You can't be absolutely sure what BIOS version the MB will come with, no. Places like Newegg and Amazon have a big turnover, so chances are pretty good that the MB will have the latest BIOS. But that's just speculation. Since the A10-7850K is the most recent APU, there is a small chance that the MB's in stock won't recognize it.

    You can't flash a BIOS without a processor installed. So, I see three choices. Take a chance and buy the MB and hope it has the latest BIOS, Contact the retailer with your concern, or Pick up an inexpensive Athlon X2 340 ( ) and use it to flash the BIOS if needed... then sell the Athlon. Of course, with the Athlon, you will need a discrete gfx card to get a display since the Athlon has a disabled on-die GPU.
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