Is there a way to disable your HDD Password after you created one?

I wanted to add security to my Toshiba P755-S5120 because it was badly compromised with a bad virus or was hacked in to. I for the first time in 10 years went into the BIOS and created a password, and I apparently created one for the HDD.. I wanted the Bios password enabled, but didn't know what the HDD password consisted of.(I was tired and was thinking it was all part of the Bios password setup) Now that I know what it does, I'm not a fan of having to enter that password every time I power on my Laptop, especially when your trying to reinstall an OS and it isn't running smoothly and constantly having to restart. I just started in IT Associates course last fall, and I am in a learning process so it's interesting to see all the aspects what IT has to offer as well as how much I have to learn.

I obviously know the password since I created it, but all it allows you to do is enter the current and change it. I don't see anything where I enter the password that allows me to disable it. Is that a done deal with the HDD or is their a different approach to disable the password option for the HD and just keep the Bios password? I know a Bios update or reset will knock out the Bios Password, but not the HD enabled pass protection. Is this something I will have to do hardware wise when I open the laptop and clean it? I am ordering a SSD drive for better performance, because I believe my HDD is failing anyways, however I would like to leave it installed for back up until it die's out completely.
Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
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  1. Not familiar with that setup. but generally, when you don't want a password, change it to nothing.
    In other words, change it, but don't enter anything, and say OK or enter.
  2. We can't help you bypass security on Tom's. It is against the rules and we can't prove you own the product.
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    He is not bypassing security, he has the password, and he can't do what I posted without the password.
  4. I figured any information given would only work if you have the password. Not how to get around it without the password. Example, where do I go to change or disable the password for User accounts, and the answer would be manage other accounts in the control panel, but that wont do you any good if you don't know the password for the Admin. I was thinking of this question along those lines. If they only way to get rid of the HD pass is the same way no matter if you have the password or not, then I understand.
  5. Exactly
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