I'm looking at a 7" tablet that has 1G ddr3 RAM Memory, will this give me memory closer to 2GB RAM storage

I want to use this tablet to check my stocks using Schwab's Edge Smart software, which usually requires 2GB of RAM to download. Can I achieve this goal?
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  1. This would be my first choice in a 7" tablet:


    However, these are the only Schwab apps I found:


    Edit: Just realized you are looking at (not for) a Windows PC Tablet. Post a link to what you are looking at. One GB of ram probably won't run that program very well. I will be slow and possibly stutter.

    If you want to go bigger Dell and Toshiba make an 8" and the MS Surface Pro's (10") are nice.
    This is a 7" that more than meets your specs but it is pricey:
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