Asus F2A55-M black screen when recovering bios settings

I just finished my custom build and when I went to turn it on for the first time, it would not detect my keyboard. As of now i can get it to detect the keyboard by clearing the ram and plugging it in to the usb 3.0 Ports on the front (Its the only way i can reproduce this screen). But my real problem is when it asks me to recover my bios settings by pressing f1, the screen will just go black and nothing will happen.

The setup im using is: ASUS F2A55-M/CSM motherboard, AMD A-Series A6 6400k 3.9/4.1 Ghz APU, Radeon R7 240 Graphics card, and 16gb ddr3 Ram
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  1. Can you get into BIOS at all? Then load default BIOS values with F5.

    Tap the delete key when booting to enter BIOS.
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    If you are gonna recover BIOS for some reason or another you need a disk or USB drive installed with the bios on either. This is probably why the screen goes black. You should not need to recover BIOS with a new board. Just go into it and set it up. I usually set up the BIOS before I load windows and MB drivers.
  3. I cant get into the bios at all the message asking me to press f1 Pops up right away and no other key does anything
  4. Could be your MB battery. Check it if you have a volt meter. Also, I think there might be some kind of conflict with some hardware. An IDE device or a sata device? Bread board the system and start with minimal parts installed.
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