Not able to access one folder on my 2TB WD drive

I have a 2TB WD drive. I cannot access only one folder on this drive even though directory listing shows the folder name. When click it through My Computer, I get a message that I need to Format this disk. I have more than 20 folders and can access all others. I can change the properties of the files etc. but cannot open this folder. Has anybody else faced this problem and have a likely solution. I have already tried CHKDSK with repair.
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  1. Sounds like a bad sector on the drive (Chkdsk / f /r /b /x) or that folder was made by another OS (ex Linux, Mac, etc.). Unless you need something from that folder I would ignore it and make sure you have a backup of this 2TB drive somewhere incase the drive does (and they do die many times).
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