RAM not running at full speed?


I recently done benchmarks and seen in my results my RAM was running at 800MHz so I knew straight away something wasn't right!

I've got the G.Skill Ripjaws X 2133MHz 8GB (4x2GB)

I went straight to my BIOS and had a look at what was being runned. It was running in complete auto so I had changed it to manual and selected the 2133MHz option.

My motherboard is AsRock 990fx extreme 3 (Supports dual channel DDR3 @ 2100 (OC)) so my RAM is a little ahead of my motherboard but not by much. I've also went and checked my CPU (I have AMD FX8320 Eight Core) which only runs at about 1866MHz so It gets downclocked there.

I'm pretty noobie with this RAM stuff so I'd greatly appreciate if someone could show me what I'd need to do to get my ram running to max speed.

Here's what I got in UEFI (apologies for bad quality, took with my phone)

I tried having a look with these XMP profiles so I tried it in the first profile.

Heres the CPU-Z results after putting it in the first profile

Then here's it in the second profile

I wanted to know if the NB frequency is what the total frequency is for both RAM sticks? and the DRAM frequency is what each stick is outputting?

I haven't touched voltages at all. All stock.

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  1. the picture from cpuz says that it is running 2137 mhz... which is fine i dont see the problem
  2. nb ram is what the memory clock speed of your ram is running at, dram is the frequency speed. they are different
  3. in CPUz it says 777MHz for each ram stick, x2 since its dual channel and his RAM is running a bit under 1600Mhz ...
  4. I would say running it at 1600 Mhz isn't that bad. if you can change the timings to match the performance (nanosecond/latency). In nanosecond to figure this you would do for example, I have 2 x 4GB G.skills at 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24 ) you take the CAS latency (9) and divide it by the Mhz (1600)
    9/1600 = .005625 seconds or 56.3 nanoseconds. You should have 11/2133 = 51 nanoseconds (better performance than my RAM by a bit). but my point is even if you can only get the RAM to run at 1600 Mhz if you can get the timings tightened down you can "fix" it that way. same end results I think unless someone else has a piece of info im not aware of
  5. Depending on your CPU, motherboard, and overclocking ability, the maximum frequency may be limited. In some cases where the rated DRAM frequency can not be reached, the memory is used at a lower frequency with lower timings. The FX8320 CPU can support DDR3-1866 with the proper settings, but you can also run it at DDR3-1600 with lower timings for similar performance.

    Here is our guide that may help:


    Let us know if you have any questions or issues.

    Thank you
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