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I have been looking at some different motherboards for a new build and I was wondering if anyone knows what the differences are between the Z77 and X79 chipsets is?
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  1. Z77 uses LGA 1155 socket platform for 2nd and 3rd generation i3/i5/i7
    X79 uses LGA 2011 socket platform for Intelsat extreme processors like i7 4960x or 3960x also for 4 way sli/crossfire
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    Z77 chipset is LGA 1155, mainly for Ivy Bridge cpus, but it also has backward compatibility with Sandy Bridge cpus. It has dual-channel memory architecture and is commonly used in consumer-level computers, although newer computers often use its successor Z87 for Haswell cpus.
    X79 chipset is LGA 2011, for Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge-E. It has quad-channel memory architecture, plus the cpus for it can have more cores (up to 6c/12t for desktop and up to 12c/24t for server), and computers using it are often considered workstation-class computers.
  3. Thanks for the help
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