How long does a gaming rig last??

Just got my new rig from Digital Storm. How long should it last if I keep it in good condition and clean it normally?
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  1. This 100% depends on your components. Nothing should really fail but if you list the parts, we can tell you how long it will play at what settings.
  2. ok

    CPU: i5 4670k

    GPU: Gtx 770

    PSU: Corsair CX 600w

    Mobo: Asus Z87-C

    Ram: 8GB 1600 MHz (Adata)

    Case: Corsair Carbine 300r w/side panel window

    CPU Cooler: Corsair H60

    C Drive: Corsair 120gb ssd

    E Drive: Seagate 1tb 7200rpm
  3. it should last for years to come, but of course a component or 2 might die along the way. and also, it depends on your upgrade itch :)
  4. The computer should still be playing at medium settings in 2-3 years depending on how tech changes along the way.
  5. A couple decades. But it will be obsolete and stuffed up in the attic way before then.
  6. what are the best upgrades that I could give it now to last longer?
  7. Nothing really. Perhaps a better PSU as yours is average at best.

    The GPU will be the first thing to show its age and by the time it does the CPU will not be far behind. Just leave it alone. It is fine.
  8. well.. none. it will always age and get slow because games will get more demanding. that is just how it is. how long before you need to upgrade? well it depends more on the user than the hardware if you ask me. As long as you are happy with how it plays, then you won't need to upgrade unless something breaks.
    some people upgrade even if the hardware is just 1yr old.
  9. Best answer
    Could you ask this question every day? It is
    of building a gaming pc.
    Without your motherboard specs, I would have to guess;
    Prebuilt intell rig; 44 months to doom.
    Prebuilt AMD rig; 39 months to doom.
    O.E.M intel rig; 60 months doom
    O.E.M. AMD 45 months doom.
    Homebuilt , quality parts (asus)
    intel 90 months
    AMD 55 months.
    Homebuilt (MSI)
    See worst case scenario's.
    Homebuilt (gigabyte )
    see asus ,+ 7 % ongoing critical hit fail chance.
    Homebuilt (Asrock)
    see asus, less frills ,+5 % later critical hit chance, if critical hit missed
    longevity will ensure redundancy.
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