TV is having issues with HDMI, is HDMI to Component possible?

I not to long ago got a free TV after helping my sister and her husband move he gave me their second and no longer used TV, a Phillips 32pf7421d/37. It has trouble with it's HDMI port, he told me when he gave it to me. Works fine with cable but when I tried hooking up my laptop to it to watch a movie the picture would every now and then go crazy before coming back. I have a bluray player coming from amazon and it's only output is HDMI, is it possible to get some sort of cable or connectors to allow me to go from HDMI at the bluray player to component at the TV to bipass the screwy port?
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  1. You can use one of these:
    A cable will not work as you need to convert HDMI (which is digital) to component video (which is analog).
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