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im getting really bad packet loss. i need help. i have comcast internet. its been going on for awhile now. ill post a few tests i did but let me know what else you need. i really need to fix this i cant play anything i lag so bad.

first test:

second test:

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  1. Do you have modem or router? Do you use cable or wireless?
  2. modem. and wired cable connect.

    no splitters, or surge protectors. cables are fine no damage. comcast support did all the normal checks when i talked to them. nothing. im guessing the problems are the hops but no idea what to do
  3. Instead of using that tool which pretty much shows they have issues inside their ISP level 3 at various locations do this yourself.

    Run a traceroute to some location.... things like or tend to be good candidates unless you have a particular site you like.

    So open multiple cmd windows and issue a continuous ping to the end ip and the first hop in the trace. Now if you are truly running a modem and not a router then this hop will represent the connection between you and the ISP. There are not a lot of options. It can be your modem, the cabling anyplace between you and the ISP, or it can be the ISP equipment in their office.

    Now if you do not see errors on this hop you can try to ping further out but you can only do so much. Just like the traces you provided what is dslreports going to do about some errors deep inside level3 network.
  4. comcast came and replaced the cable coming from the street. that was the issue.
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    So all good now?
  6. yup. apparently the cable was 17 yrs old. lol the tech said it was the worst street to house cable he has ever seen. lol everything seems fine now
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