FX-8320 CPU stock cooler making loud noise while Gaming

Lately I've realized that while gaming my PC was making very loud noise. On further inspection, realized that the stock CPU cooler was runnig at ~6000 rpm while playing games.
Now i have just bough the system around 1.5 months back; on 31st Dec to be precise.
CPU fan is making lot of noise. I tried to clean it up, but didn't have any compressed air blower so could not do that. Now i think that there should not be lot of duct on cpu cooler as it is only 45 days old.
Any help is much appreciated
My PC system configuration is in my signature
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  1. AMD stock coolers suck. Purchase an aftermarket cooler. Your CPU and your ears will thank you.
  2. rehed21 is right. Additionally, if you will overclock your processor you need to get new cooler. Look at DeepCool GAMMAXX S40.
  3. Not much you can do really. You can swap out the 80mm fan for another quieter version but that is a waste of money. Upgrade your heatsink for better temps and noise.
  4. I agree with the rest a simple heatsink upgrade would be best. I would recommend for stock clocks and small OCs the cooler master tx3 or zalman cnps 5x as they use the stock amd mounting bracket and are usually under $20
  5. Yeah, I'll probably buy a aftermarket cooler. But I dont understand how can stock cooler be producing such a noise in just one month of use. I also don't game a lot. Daily one hour and 6-7 hours on weekend.
    Also I'm bit noob when coming to heatsink. WHich will be preferred one - aftermarket cooler or heatsink upgrade.
    I do not wish to OC the system
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    Well the stock cooler comes with a small fan which requires a higher rpm to keep cool, and there not the best fans, and there attached to a small aluminum heatsink with no copper heatpipes and even the one with the heatpipes are not that much better. The cooling surface just isnt that large and the fan needs to up its rpm to dissipate the heat.

    A aftermarket cooler and heatsink upgrade are the same unless you are talking about replacing the fan, it can help but in the stock coolers situation is not worth it at all. Going from the stock cooler to an aftermarket one just for noise levels and temps without overclocking would be a simple and cheap solution that costs around the price of a decent fan for the stock cooler. My two recommendations from above are best as they install the same as the stock cooler and cost usually under $20

    My friend uses the cm tx2 the previous gen tx3 and its quiet on his 3.4ghz phenom II x4 940 (has an OC of 400mhz). With the tx3 and 5x being around $25 at the moment, might want to look at the cm hyper 212 evo or T4 or the zalman cnps 10x for their better cooling ability and bigger fan so will be a little more quiet. These use a different mount than stock but instructions and videos help.
  7. I have this cpu myself and when I was using the stock cooler, it was pretty bad too. I was getting sometimes 7000+ RPM and it was very loud. I replaced the stock cooler with a Deepcool Gammaxx 300 and trust me, I can hardly hear this cooler while gaming, and it tends to keep temps nowhere above 50 C even when playing Bf4.

    So pretty much the only solution is to replace your stock cooler for an aftermarket cooler.
  8. Yup, Just got the same CPU on Friday... Temps are fine but my god its loud! lol
  9. I use a CM tx3 evo, lower temp and quieter for my 8320. Remember to remove/change paste when you replace heatsink
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