need help with budget gpu

ok so far i have seem to have what i want in my build currently have so far
-amd fx6300
-990fx extreme3 mb
-1tb hdd
-kingston 4x2 xmp blu red
-nztx 210 elite
-cosair cx 500w

now i just now a decent graphic card to run it with...budget is 180.. was planning to get the r9 270x but its out of the is there any other alternatives? im doing a budget build so im down to 180 left to spend.. thankyou!
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    Look for a 270 non-x on sale or a 7870. If neither of those are an option, get a gtx660.
  2. If you change the mb to the Asrock 970extreme3 R2.0 you cut off the option of crossfire but you save $40 .

    That makes your graphics card budget $220 and gets you an R9 270
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