Adding a wireless keyboard to existing wireless mouse receiver

I need some expert guidance on the problem i am facing.
I am using a wireless mouse which is working (Logitech M185) fine with Dell Inspiron 1464 laptop.
Now I am planning for buying a wireless keyboard - Logitech K270.

I would like to know whether I can use a single receiver to connect both since it is not helpful if i have to give two USB ports for mouse and keyboard separately.

I am not sure the M185 mouse has unifying receiver. But since the keyboard comes with unifying receiver, can I add the existing mouse to it.

Thanks in advance!
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    Yes!! That mouse is capable of connecting to a unifying receiver. Look on the bottom of the mouse and you may notice this icon which signifies that the device is capable of connecting to a unifying receiver.

    Just plug in the unifying receiver. Open the SetPoint software or Unifying software depending on whichever you use. Click the unifying logo on the left. Click open unifying software if you are in setpoint. You can go through the wizard or do it manually.

    Here are detailed instructions on set-up. It's easy, fast, and straight-forward.,3,2,4,5/cl/us,en
  2. Illumynization, Thanks much....!.
    I am going for the keyboard now.
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