Razer megalodon terrible static on my new computer

Hi, i built a new computer the other day, my skullcandy earphones and headphones work fine with it, so does my speakers, but my razer megalodon is a hassle, i spent a few hours to finally get them to work, but now there is a terrible static, i remember on my old computer when i just got the headset i had the same issue and found a way to fix it, but i just cant remember what i did now, audio drivers up to date and such. The sound get little cuts with constant static, not sure if the mic is making any because i get the sound on the audio already so i cant check, i already have sensitivity put to the right levels and so on.

Please help with any fixes, thanks in advance.
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  1. If you use a desktop try plug your keyboard & mouse in the front panel USB connectors, and than plug the Megalodon Headsett in the back. If it works you will need a new Power Suply. (to low power). My friend had the same problem
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