800 aus dollar gaming pc

just looking for a $800 gaming pc (can go up slightly)
I live in Australia
A monitor and OS are needed
Already got keyboard and mouse

im looking for the BEST $800 budget pc
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  1. Best I could come up with
  2. Best answer
    Thats though. Here's a build i put together. I know i used an APU but there are no cheaper 4 cores in your area :S
  3. Gave it my best shot and basically ended up with what Roxas came up with. You're on a budget that really doesn't allow for any flexibility whatsoever - I'd seriously consider just getting a cheap laptop if I were you.
  4. Wow, I'm pretty proud of myself. This is the best I could come up with and think it's pretty damn good. Anyone else agree with me?
  5. Im doubting the cpu, thats why i went for an apu with 4 cores and a gtx 650ti which is very similar to the 260x in terms of performance. 2 cores are kinda outdated. I know intel has better cores but more cores will be better (and in some games are).
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