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I was cleaning my pc and the default (intel) heatsink fan was very dirty. I didn't knew about the thermal compound so I pulled out the fan for cleaning.

Later after doing a little googling I got to know about the thermal compound so now I want to know which would be the best thermal compound for intel processor and also how much and how to apply it.
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  2. laviniuc said:

    how much temperature of processor is alarming ? (I am using CPUID HW monitor)
  3. i usually say over 50C when idle or over 70C on full load is cause for concerns... but depends a lot on ambient temperature

    the lower the better
  4. Max systin temp is 59 C (134 F)

    and processor Max is 44 C (111 F) so I think I am safe.

    The processor also must be having some inbuilt mechanism to prevent it from damaging due to too much heating, am I right ?
  5. of course, the cpu will reduce the speed if it gets too hot.
  6. I found someone selling Thermal Interface Material G15816-001 pillow pack on ebay

    How to apply guide -
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