Urgent Need help !! please

Hi recently built computer , specs as follows CPU : 4300 FX AMD
Ddr3 240 DiMM low profile kvr ram 1x 4
980 SE/USE/3 (something like that ) Asrock
620 watt psu
and i dont really know what is wrong with it , i havent plugged in the speaker but the fans spin and it seems to run , but the monitor remains black
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  1. What graphic card are you using? Does it require a power connector from the power supply? Do you have the two cables from your power supply plugged into your motherboard? Is your one stick of ram in the correct slot?
  2. Hey red head i am using a radeon 6450 silent 1 gb , i also have a 7770 msi card but it is dvi , but my 6450 is vga and that is what my monitor uses and i tried moving the ram 2 times, and no the 6450 is a straight pcie plug
  3. If everything else checks out and you know the graphics card is good then the motherboard is faulty or you have bent or broken pins on your CPU.
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    I wouldn't blame the CPU as that would make the BIOS start beeping when it tries to boot.
    It might be another example of "the black death", this is normally causes by a faulty motherboard.
    Try to boot up without any ram plugged in. The motherboard should start making beep sounds.
  5. ok thanks everything is brand-new and shiny, the cpu fitted in with no effort , so that is not a concern . I think the ram might be incompatible or the graphics cards had it hah thanks
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