does recored a 2 hors movie with camtasia record 8 hurt the cpu

I want to record 2 hours movie that I cant download from that website because it is a rtmp srvr with
camtasia recorder 8
and then produce it as mkv to my hard disk so that will take time also
can that hurt my i5 3570 cpu?
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  1. It wont hurt it by any means, it might make it a little laggy(in the recordings).
    I think there are better solutions, than recording a movie.
  2. can you please tell me the solution
    I tried all of these rtmp downloader nothing work
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    I could imagine something like a Stream sniffer or some sort.
    That instead of storing the data in the cache/ram would store it in the HDD/SSD.
    I dont know what that kind of program would be called, sorry.
    But I could do some googling.
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