Building a Gaming PC for my first time. Need help!

Hello there!
I'm trying to build a powerful PC for $1000-$1500 that I will mostly be using for playing/streaming League of Legends and other MOBAs. I will also be looking to play new games that come out in the future (such as Stronghold Crusader 2!). I'm hoping this PC will last me at least 5 years and I intend to overclock in the future.
I have researched and came up with this build.
I'm also unsure of what monitor to get, but I'd like to spend $150~ on it and have minimal input lag.
I'm really a noob when it comes to computers so any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!
Edit: Updated the build to make it a few hundred cheaper.
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    This setups looks like a complete overkill for your intended use. Also, external DAC's will produce better sound than a non-shielded sound card.

    edit: you might also want to add a HDD?
  2. You can't get away with just an SSD? xD ok for the sound card I was mainly going to use a gaming headset so I just chose the cheaper one, would that effect even my headset?
    Also recommendations on what I should cut down on?
  3. Could anyone else give me some advice or critique my build? Like is overclocking worth it for just gaming and if anyone has a monitor/case that they could recommend?
  4. Sorry for the late reply.

    As I said, its overkill. For the case, I would personally recommend the Fractal ArC Midi R2. Have one of those myself and the flexibility it offers combined with its style really did it for me. Also, you can get away with an i5 for gaming, the only difference is the hyperthreading which most games dont make full use of (yet).

    I'd recommend you buy a power supply above the entry level CX series for a build like this. And 750 watts is way more than you need for a single 770. Knowing that you want to do some overclokcing in the future, a 650 watts PSU will be plenty. If you want to add a second GPU in the future, then you might want to stick with (above entry level) 750 watts.
  5. No worries man I'm just really happy you took the time to help me out.
    That case looks amazing, exactly what I was looking for in terms of ideal air flow and cool look.
    As for the power supply I was pretty clueless so this helps clarify things for me. I think I'll be sticking with 1 GPU so a 650 w is probably best, but I can't find a gaming psu for 650 watts, could you suggest one for me? I found the Antec HCG-620m but it seems as if that may be cutting it close.
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