ASUS GTX 660 crash - looking for help :/

Hey! i bought a new GPU - Asus GTX 660 overclocked edition.
But when i play any kind of game, it crashes. It goes from Frozen screen (2-3 sec) --> black screen ( 3-4 sec) and then it comes back and writes:
nvlddmkm has stopped responding and has successfully recovered

the card has been in for repair but came back with no errors.

My setup:
Asus GTX 660
MSI Z77 mpower
Windows 7 ultimate
Intel Core i5-2500 - 3.30GHZ

Hope someone can give an solution! :')

(Sorry for bad english)
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  1. Try lowering the core clock on the card by 30mhz.
  2. SimonGranstrom said:
    Try lowering the core clock on the card by 30mhz.

    Okay - i give that a try!
    I'm not so good at this, do I lower the:
    GPU Boost Clock(mhz) or Memory Clock (mhz)
    i'm using Asus's GPU tweak program to it.

    But i'm thinking, that it is a factory made mistake, if i have to change settings made by them?
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    Lower boost clock by -30mhz.
    Try to see if that fixes the crash, otherwise you should call Asus and tell them that it crashes at stock settings. They will have to swap the GPU for another one if it can't meet the requirements.
    I myself would have lowered the speed and kept it because the performance decrease should be at max 1 fps lower than normal.
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